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Net Troopers is a real time strategy (rts) game much like Activision's Dark Reign, Westwood's Command and Conquer, and Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft. Unlike these commercial games Net Troopers is completely Free Software. The differences between these games are not just political -- Net Troopers is designed from the ground up for a single networked massive multiplayer game, with over 1000 players participating simultaneously. Attempting to do this with other rts games would result in chaos! Net Troopers embraces this chaos which makes the game play unique (and hours of fun).

The object of the game is to crush your opponents, both economically and physically. To beat them economically you have to build oil pumps and convoy the oil to be processed in your refinery. The more oil you collect the more tanks and troopers you can purchase to protect your convoy from marauders who will try to highjack your oil. You can also go on the offensive and liberate other player's oil, refineries and even factories. Oil is the first resource that will be present in the game. Eventually we will have iron mines and steel factories, rubber plantations and tire factories, everything a modern army needs. Ahh.. the senseless act of war.

Copyright 2001. Trent Waddington. All rights reserved.
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