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There are currently no releases of Net Troopers. If you are a developer, you can get the source from anonymous cvs (module name 'nettroopers'). If you are a potential player, please, give us time. Here is a screen shot of what we have as of May 28:

Click for LARGE image In the bottom left hand corner we have an oil pump. Note that we now have a little oil tanker to drive the oil from the oil pump to the refinery (center) which turns the oil into credits that we can spend on all those little units that we build in the factory (top). We also have a rotating cannon that you can use to defend your base. You will notice that there are lots of colors! The client uses 16 bit color (65536 colors). The little units actually move around nicely and shoot at enemies and you can have a little war, there's sound effects too!

If you just must have a go at it, you can download an earlier version than this here. The cutting edge is in cvs and if you can figure out how to get the binary to work you probably can build it yourself. There is also a windows binary on this page but you will require the server too, which runs on linux.

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