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Our primary concern at the moment is the lack of developers. Hopefully interest will pick up after the next major release. Any and all developers are welcome to participate in this project. The source is available from anonymous cvs, read it, change it, send me a patch and I will gladly add it to the tree. Anyone who sends me more than 5 good patches will automatically be given cvs write access.

A Graphics Artist

Without quality artwork any game is unplayable. The artwork we have at the moment will serve as a place holder until the project attracts a serious artist. This is a general problem with all open source games to date, if you know an artist try to get him/her involved. The open source community has a lot to offer an upcoming artist, and we can certainly do with their help.

Sound effects and Music

Sounds add to the realism of the game. We need people to make original sound effects especially and music as well.


Yes, eventually we will need people to test this thing. That means playing with it, filing bugs and being very very patient. This could be a serious job soon. I like to think that playing the game is the most important part of development.

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