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Low bandwidth announcement list. You should feel free to subscribe to this list, or read the archives, but please do not post to it.

Likely the most noisy list. You should only subscribe to it if you want to help answer questions. Players seeking help should feel free to post to the list (a reply will be sent directly to you as well as the list) but please look at the archives and the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

This list is for general discussion of Net Troopers. Ideas for the game should be discussed here but will probably be ignored until the core features of the game are stable. Everyone is free to subscribe and post, but please check the archives before rehashing the same old concepts.

This list is for developers only! It is likely to be noisy, heated, and highly technical. Players should not subscribe to this list. Lurkers are welcome but please do not respond to the list or to the developers -- we have work to do. Non development discussion on this list will result in you being banned, although you will still be welcome to read the archives.

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