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Monday 28 May, 2001 8:22pm: Yah, after a week without cvs I can now check in. Changes include new graphics, the addition of sound, and a whole lot of stuff I dont remember. Whoop, the game almost looks playable.

Wednesday 23 May, 2001 4:23am: I have started a game server. This server is for developers only (but using it to "try out" the client is acceptable). The IP address is which you should place in your nettroopers.cfg file (currently preset in cvs).

Wednesday 16 May, 2001 2:30am: A few people have discovered the project and offered their help. CyberYoda is the first to fork me something useful, thanks for the graphics! You can see the new screenshot on the download page. I spent a valuable half an hour and ported the client to windows (VC++). Anyone who wants to port the server is welcome to do so. A lot of great ideas are flowing around, let's hope they turn into parts of the game.

Sunday 13 May, 2001 3:21pm: The web page is up. A lot of people scoff at the usefulness of a web page but I'm of the opinion that community interest is the most important part of open source development and a good web page is the first step to developing that interest. So please, look around, make suggestions or send me a patch!

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