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Project Status

Development on this project has not yet begun. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I will need as much help as I can get. Currently we have a client that works, and is starting to look better. It is almost playable. The server is stable for the functionality that has been implemented, and hopefully it will stay that way as we add the last few remaining components.

Task List

  1. Graphics! We need good graphics. A game is often judged solely on this criteria.
  2. User interface. The GUI sux. We basically need someone to draw a good one and we will then add the logic to make it come alive (and no, we cant use gtk+ or some other widget set).
  3. Better terrain. The current terrain is generated offline using a fractal subdivision algorithm. This does a good job but to turn those tile numbers into pixels we need better hand drawn tiles.
  4. Sound. To add to the realism of the game you need all those little bzzts and bangs. Does someone have the cakewalk skills?
  5. Planes. They're basically tanks but they move really fast, have totally different collision routines and cant be shot by normal turrets or ground troops. Planes add a new dimension to the game but they are a bitch to code.
  6. Server Optimization. Ok, so I know nothing about real time programming, is that what you want to hear? The server is basically a busy wait loop. It was written to run on a dedicated server. You can run it on a box you are using for other purposes, it will even nice itself, but surely we can do better. In the mean time, the current server will work fine.

If you think you can do any of these things, the best thing for you to do is to check the source out of anonymous cvs, do it, and send me a patch. Don't talk about it, don't ask if anyone is already doing it, just do it. None of these things are terribly hard, they just take time (and a whole lot of testing).

Please check the tasks list on sourceforge for up to the minute status.

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